Lincspirational Light Show lights up Horncastle with art

Art inspired by some of the county’s most inspirational plants were part of an illuminating display over the weekend.

To celebrate the National Lottery Funded LoveLincsPlants project, an evening light show came to Horncastle on Saturday to showcase talented artists from the area.

During the event, held at Banovallum House, 30 artworks created by members of the public will be projected on to a large screen and accompanied with music by Sinfonia Viva.

The 30 artworks winning artworks were chosen from more than 130 submissions, which represent some of the county’s most inspirational plants.

Just some of the art work seen ranged from Sir Isaac Newton’s iconic apple tree at Woolsthorpe Manor to field scabious and common poppy found on verges and meadows across the county.

Alongside the artwork, haikus inspired by plants and written by children were also projected, and throughout the light show was orchestrated by the Different Light Collective with accompanying music inspired by nature and recorded by Sinfonia Viva.

Guests were able to view the artworks beforehand at the Sir Joseph Banks Centre Museum, where all the Lincspirational Plant Artworks were on display during the day.

All 130 artworks submitted as part of the project are now available to buy via an online auction, which is running until October 31.

Money raised from the sale will help fund nature’s recovery in Lincolnshire and help the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust create wildflower rich habitats across the county.

To bid for some of the artwork, visit