Photographers set to appear in mayor’s book

The Mayor of Sleaford has outlined several of his community projects that have materialised from this very different mayoral year.

A photo by Sarah Duffy that has made it into the commemorative book. EMN-211005-133825001
A photo by Sarah Duffy that has made it into the commemorative book. EMN-211005-133825001

Coun Anthony Brand delivered his report at the virtual annual town meeting last Wednesday when he said civic functions and traditional official openings during his year could be “counted on one hand” due to restrictions.

A new historic guide to Sleaford’s cemetery was one project Coun Brand has led, with local historian Simon Pawley picking out interesting graves to create a written tour. The leaflets are availbale from the town council offices and other outlets.

He said he was looking at other walks to document such as touring the numerous mosaics and the buildings of notable architects Kirk and Parry.

In another project, the mayor has overseen the regeneration of a disused spoil pit of the cemetery unsuitable for burials, which is on the way to becoming a woodland wildlife area. Work has paused while checks are done to make sure the land is not contaminated and they have received a number of saplings from the Woodland Trust for planting.

“I am hoping that we can apply to have the cemetery declared an arboretum,” said Coun Brand. “There is an international organisation which can identify such areas. We have to have a certain number of established trees listed on a leaflet and the trees identified with a plaque and once a year we have a guided walk.”

A project to buy specimen trees for the town has so far generated £450 from selling oak saplings for people to plant.

Finally, in partnership with Sleaford Museum Trust, a photographic competition on the theme of the Spirit of Sleaford and a number of pictures have been selected to go into a commemorative book. Each photographer featured will get a free copy.They are: Angelika Fryziak, Darren Bannister, David Cadman, Delma Crofty, Freddy Robinson, Jane Peck, Julie Simpson, Mark Potts, Natalie Mason, Russ Mathieson, Sally-Anne Caunter, Simon Goldstein, Trevor Taylor, Helen Zealand, Carole Smith, Dave Newman, Des Byrne, D F Righini, Ian Clark, Harriott Brand, Jade Hope, Rachel Marshall, Sophia Arnold, Stephen Tapley, Thomas Sherwin, Wayne Munton and Sarah Duffy.