Bawtry: Phoenix Players are back to examine the comic side of modern living

Bawtry Phoenix Players return to the stage next week to present Michael Frayn’s Alarms and Excursions.

Bawtry Phoenix Theatre
Bawtry Phoenix Theatre

These eight playlets – Alarms, Doubles, Leavings, Look Away Now, Heart To Heart, Glassnost, Toasters and Immobiles – examine the difficulties modern technology has added to life, with hilarious results.

In Alarms two couples embark on a dinner party which is doomed to failure as, one by one, labour-saving devices and even furniture become hostile.

The next playlet, Doubles, sees two couples having similar problems in adjacent hotel rooms.

In Leavings, the dinner party is amusingly revisited.

This is followed by Look Away Now, in which passengers ignore their airliner’s safety lecture.

Heart to Heart deals with the impossibility of communication at a noisy drinks party, while Glassnost presents us with a political speech sabotaged by a harassed autocue.

Toasters shows the problems of trying to eat and work standing up at a function.

The last playlet, Immobiles is acted out entirely over the phone, as the German guest arriving at the airport, and the other hosts meeting him, try desperately to locate each other.

The production is on at Bawtry Phoenix Theatre from September 30 to October 3

Tickets are available from the new Box Office on 01302 710825.

The Box Office is open on Monday and Thursday evenings from 7.30pm to 9.30pm.

Outside these hours an answer machine will be in operation.

For more information, contact Paula Hadley on 01777 818568.