New book tells 1,500-year story of former town near Sleaford

A new book on the 1,500-year history of a former town near Sleaford has been published.
Martin Smith, author of Folkingham – The Reluctant Town.Martin Smith, author of Folkingham – The Reluctant Town.
Martin Smith, author of Folkingham – The Reluctant Town.

Folkingham – The Reluctant Town comes from the pen of historian Martin Smith.

Martin, who has written several books on Stamford, moved to Folkingham in 2017.

Curious of its past, he found the only history book on the village was long out of print and impossible to find. So, instead, he decided to research, write and publish a new piece.

He said: “I remember first driving through Folkingham many years ago and being amazed by the experience of suddenly entering a large Georgian market place. It was an odd and unique place. When I came to live here I realised I needed to research and tell its story.

“With the help of local people and new research, I pieced together its 1,500-year story, from an important Anglo-Saxon soke centre and medieval town, with a castle owned by leading aristocrats, to the residential village it is today.”

The hardback book runs to 320 pages, with more than 260 photographs, maps and illustrations.

As well as Folkingham itself, it has much to say on the surrounding area, including the Aveland wapentake, Stow Green Fair, Sempringham Priory, the Knights Templar Preceptory at Aslackby, RAF Folkingham and the BRM motor racing company.

Folkingham – The Reluctant Town, published by The Greyhound Press, is available to buy online at

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