Chelsea will be crowned as new carnival queen

Chelsea Beech, 29, will be crowned as Mablethorpe’s carnival queen this week.

Chelsea Beech, pictured in costume last year.
Chelsea Beech, pictured in costume last year.

Chelsea’s coronation will take place at the Social 22 club in Victoria Road on Friday evening (August 2) at 7pm.

She will be crowned by the outgoing carnival queen Charlotte Richardson, who has carried out the role since being crowned last autumn.

Chelsea was born and bred in Mablethorpe, and her family have always been involved with the carnival parades over the years – since she was a babe in arms. Chelsea is delighted that the carnival has returned following a long absence.

Chelsea Beech, pictured in costume last year.

Chelsea said: “I was so shocked and surprised when [organiser] Adrian Benjamin asked me to be carnival queen last year.

“It is such a honour to be asked. Of course, I said yes!

“The carnival has all ways been a big part of my family. As a child, I attended most – if not all – the carnivals dressed up as various characters.

“My sister Kelly Bowness was the carnival queen many years ago, and I attended the last carnival Mablethorpe had before it was reintroduced back to the town last year. I had great fun being a mermaid for the day!”

Chelsea in years gone by.

Chelsea continued: “I am excited to be queen and to be part of the committee which helps raise funds for the upcoming events and the parade itself. The committee works very hard all year round to raise money, and I never quite realised how much goes into organising events .

“I hope to make this year’s carnival even bigger and better by getting more various local groups and businesses involved. I hope to do my home town proud.”

Mr Benjamin, one of the driving forces behind the carnival, said that outgoing carnival queen Charlotte Richardson has done an excellent job, and he looks forward to welcoming Chelsea.

Adrian said: “The carnival queen reinforces the role of the mayor, if they become inundated with visit requests.

“Chelsea won an award for ‘best walker’ last year – so this time, we’ll carry her around!”

The coronation on Friday evening is an public event, so go along and enjoy the night.

The Mablethorpe Carnival will take place on Sunday September 22. Visit for details.