Clumber’s leopard and bird city

A SPONTANEOUS city and a leopard will form part of a contemporary art programme coming to Clumber Park.

Internationally acclaimed London Fieldworks - Bruce Gilchrist and Jo Joelson - will bring their work to Notts from tomorrow (Saturday).

The pair will take the theme of the lost house of Clumber and re-imagine it as a series of mansions for birds in a tree bourne sculpture called Spontaneous City in the Cedar of Lebanon.

They will build a cluster of bird boxes housed in one of the park’s vast cedar trees, making reference to the many elegant rooms of the Duke of Newcastle’s former country seat.

Reference will also be made to the 4th Duke of Newcastle’s leopard which he imported from India.

The Leopard, which lies contentedly on a tree branch will be transformed into a fine Regency chaise longue.

It will be viewed by visitors from a specially designed observation platform.

National Trust have invited London Fieldworks to create the works Spontaneous City and The Leopard as part of their new contemporary art programme Playful Landscapes.

Jane Greenfield, The National Trust’s contemporary art development officer in the East Midlands, said: “London Fieldworks have a real talent for fusing art, architectural ideas and the outdoors. The resulting work is really inventive and integrates beautifully with the natural landscape.”

The event runs from Saturday 4th August through to winter 2012.