Everton: Players to present two contrasting dramas for next production

Everton Village Players are presenting two contrasting one-act plays, The Allotment, a drama by Gillian Plowman, and Not Bobby a comedy by Nick Warburton as their February production.

In The Allotment, directed by David Larder we see four women in a state of crisis carrying out punishment orders in a community allotment for crimes they have committed in the past.

Totally deluded and in a state of denial they create a life of fantasy giving comfort and support to each other in their own way.

But when a new probation officer arrives their past catches up with them, as she also faces a traumatic event from her own background.

David Larder’s award-winning interpretation of this dramatic tale will in turn make you laugh and cry.

Not Bobby, directed by Mollie Hall, is a quirky satirical look at the education system.

Anxious to complete yesterday’s newspaper crossword, Frank finds the page missing and discovers his mother Pam has used it to line the rabbit cage.

But Frank is astonished to find that it has been completed.

Could Bobby the rabbit be responsible?

Matters taken on a touch of the absurd when the education authorities assess Bobby and place him in the top infants.

Both The Allotment and Not Bobby will be performed from 18th to 21st February at Everton Village Hall.

Tickets priced £6 (£5 NUS) are available from the box office on 01777 817275 or online att www.evertonvillageplayers.co.uk

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