Exciting arts festival in Hatfield

The DN7 Arts Festival returns to Ash Hill Academy in Hatfield between June 29–July 3.

Last year's DN7 Festival at Ash Hill Academy, Hatfield.
Last year's DN7 Festival at Ash Hill Academy, Hatfield.

Following on from the 2013 and 2014 Festivals, this year sees an exciting development that engages with all of the students at the academy along with students from primary partner schools.

The festival has a multi-cultural theme and will see a number of educational projects taking place that involve a variety of professional artists, some of these projects will be running from half term others will take place June 29 to July 3.

These projects include:

Primary school Project:

Professional Artists will be working in the participating Primary schools forming choirs and teaching some South African choral music.

Manasamitri Project:

Manasamitri have already begun working with a group of students in the Academy looking at various aspects of multi-culturalism. This will culminate in a performance on the main stage on July 3rd.

Phoenix Dance Project:

Phoenix Dance are a professional dance company from Leeds, they are working with the Academy’s dance teacher and 6th form student to produce a performance for July 3rd.

Spoken Word:

This involves a professional artist working with staff and students in the Academy and will involve a performance on July 3rd.


A group of students will be working with staff and a film maker to produce a series of short films related to the Festival. In addition, selected students will be shown a film entitled ‘Sixteen’ , this will be presented by the Films director who will talk to the students about film making.

Samba/Rock band:

Rehearsals begin after half term with a group of musicians from the Academy working with professional musicians to produce a performance for July 3rd.

On July 3, the academy will run a different timetable during the morning that will see all students involved in the arts in some way. In the afternoon, the festival moves outdoors. There will be an outdoor stage with professional sound engineers and will feature some of the performances already mentioned alongside performances from professional musicians as in previous years.

This year’s line-up includes: Manasamitra, Ubunye, Olly Tunmer, Chalk Face, The Ambition, Saint Harlet, Mas y Mas; and Liberty Skank.

The afternoon will also feature a variety of ‘hands on’ opportunities for those who wish to get involved.

The event in the afternoon will be free and open to parents and the wider community, we are trying to provide an event that can be enjoyed by all of the family and can be accessed by all.

It is hoped to add other events as we lead up to the week of the Festival, details of these will be announced later.

More details relating to times of performances will be available nearer the time. Please log on to the Academy website and follow the links to keep updated.