Last push to finish Sleaford-based wartime feature film

Sleaford-based filmmakers are on a final push to raise funds towards their first feature-length film.
Pictured behind the scenes while filming Our Shooting Star. EMN-170717-142646001Pictured behind the scenes while filming Our Shooting Star. EMN-170717-142646001
Pictured behind the scenes while filming Our Shooting Star. EMN-170717-142646001

Tin Hat Productions has been working on their film, Our Shining Sword, since the start of 2014.

The team is made up of producer, writer and set builder Andy Burn, director, his son producer and writer Callum Burn, and cinematographer and writer Sam Parsons.

The film budget is about £80,000 and after numerous fundraisers in the past, the trio are about £10,000 away from their target.

They are now offering the public a chance to buy original costumes which were used by actors in the film, a Second World War tale.

Items such as uniforms, hats, badges and parachute harnesses will be up for grabs, with proceeds from sales going back into the film.

Tin Hat Productions strive to make high quality, low budget films.

Andy told The Standard that it won’t look like an £80,000 budget, saying it could pass for a £1,000,000 film.

Our Shining Sword is based on the story of an RAF Lancaster raid, and follows Douglas, a Spitfire ace who survived the Battle of Britain.

Douglas must overcome his past to lead a Lancaster Bomber crew, after the crew’s beloved skipper was killed in action.

The filming process for Our Shining Sword was completed in October last year, with only the sound design, music, and digital visual effects to complete.

Andy said: “We are on target to be finished by Christmas.”

Once finished, the team also hope to take Our Shining Sword to various film festivals.

Although the team have enjoyed making the film, the morale can vary.

Andy said: “It goes up and down. We know the film inside out, there are no surprises. We have seen every piece of footage.”

On what the team think about the film, Andy said: “We are really excited to show it to people. I think they will be pleasantly surprised.”

Tin Hat Productions would also like to thank people in Sleaford and surrounding areas for getting behind Our Shining Sword.

Various businesses in the town including Turnbull and Co, and Ray Butler Ltd, have donated tools, equipment and items to help with the filming process.

Residents have also allowed cast and crew into their homes as part of the filming process.

Andy said: “The people of Sleaford have been really supportive.”

To buy original costumes, visit and search for Our Shining Sword.