Maori women focus for Louth Film Club

A ground-breaking New Zealand movie is to be screened by Louth Film Club next week.

Waru tells the stories of eight women in 10-minute vignettes

Waru captures the stories of eight women after the death of a child in their Maori community.

Eight, 10-minute vignettes, each one by a different female Māori film-maker, depict the aftermath of the tragedy.

Each segment was filmed in a day and comprises a single shot, although some edits were made.

Starting at 9.59am on the same morning and unfolding in real time, each story focuses on a different Māori woman and is linked to the death of the child.

The film, certificate 15, will be shown at the Playhouse Cinema on Monday, July 1, with the screening starting at 7.30pm.

Admission is £5 for LFC members, with standard cinema prices for non-members and concessions.