Firefighters rescue BBC Radio Lincolnshire presenter from his bedroom '˜in the nick of time'

Firefighters are used to being called out to rescue cats stuck in trees - but they don't get many call-outs for BBC presenters trapped in their bedrooms.

BBC Radio Lincolnshire presenter pictured shortly after he was rescued from his bedroom by Boston fire-fighters. Images supplied.

But this is just the scene that greeted fire crews from Boston today when they attended the home of BBC Radio breakfast presenter Scott Dalton.

Scott had called the emergency services when his door became jammed shut and all attempts to open it himself failed.

The former Boston Standard reporter, arrived at the BBC studios in Lincoln just five minutes before going on air.

Face palm - Scott Dalton with the fire door in the background.

“I thought at one point I was going to have to present the Breakfast Show live from my bedroom,” he said.

“Thankfully Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue stepped in.

“They were happy to help and were true pros – they got the door sorted very quickly and I was able to get to the studios just in the nick of time to host the show.”

Scott first called his sister who came round to try and help prise the door open - which ironically was a fire door. When that failed he called the non-emergency 101 number who advised he call fire and rescue.

Scott Dalton visited the Boston fire crew later today with a basket of BBC Radio Lincolnshire goodies to say 'thank you'.

“This morning’s show was definitely given a helping hand in getting on air by the fire and rescue service,” he said.

Speaking on air after the incident, he added: “It’s amazing I’m here at all. It’s ridiculous, you couldn’t make it up. I just sat there with my head in my hands when it was happening. It’s a big fire door, which is good because you want to be safe in a fire.”

Fire crews were able to use some tools to release the door handle mechanism to open it and release him.

Scott visited the Boston crew this afternoon and handed over a basket of goodies as a thank you.

Do you have any song suggestions for Scott to play on his show in honour of his bedroom rescue?

The Standard would like to request Release Me by Englebert Humperdinck and Break on Through (To the Other Side) by The Doors.