First seal pup born at Donna Nook

The first seal pup of the year was born at Donna Nook at the weekend - as visiting season gets underway.

One of the seal pups pictured at Donna Nook last year.

Shortly before 9am yesterday (Sunday), the Donna Nook Warden Facebook page reported: “The first pup has been born at Donna Nook.

“Our Warden only just managed to spot it, as the mum has it well tucked away. It isn’t visible from the viewing area.

“Don’t worry if you don’t get to see this one though, we are expecting many more pups to be born over the coming weeks!”

Large crowds pictured at Donna Nook last year.

The latest addition means that the current number of seals at Donna Nook is 18 bulls, 41 cows and one pup.

Last year, there were over 2,000 seal pups born at the site during the winter season - with numbers peaking in mid to late November.

The seal viewing facilities at the popular nature reserve will be open from late October to mid December, between dawn and dusk.

For safety reasons, the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust would like visitors to take note of the following guidelines ahead of their visit:
• Stay within the viewing area behind the fence

• Strictly observe all red flag and other bombing range warnings

• Never feed or pet the seals

• No unaccompanied children

• No dogs

• No flash photography

• Be considerate when visiting, park only in designated areas

• If possible, visit during the week; the narrow lanes, car park and viewing area get very congested at weekends.

• Please note, traffic management will be in operation on busy weekends.

For further information about the grey seals at Donna Nook, click here.