Fog clears to reveal story of North East’s best-loved band

A celebration of the life, times and music of the north east of England’s most beloved band - Lindisfarne - comes to Lincoln later this month.

Founder member and drummer Ray Laidlaw and front man Billy Mitchell tell the remarkable story EMN-190403-164739001

Founder member and drummer Ray Laidlaw and front man Billy Mitchell tell the group’s remarkable story with a combination of rare video, unseen photographs, acoustic versions of their favourite Lindisfarne songs and a smattering of scurrilous gossip.

Lindisfarne - Alan Hull, Rod Clements, Ray Jackson, Simon Cowe and Ray Laidlaw - was formed in Newcastle in 1969 and were hailed by the music business as ‘a breath of fresh air’ and ‘the new Beatles’.

Their sparkling songwriting quickly established them as the standard bearers for acoustic-based rock, cutting through the prevailing pop and glam sounds of the 70s.

They toured the world, had many hit singles and albums, and released the UK’s biggest selling album in 1971, Fog on the Tyne.

Their music is still played regularly on the radio, TV and at gigs throughout the UK.

Ray and Billy created ‘The Lindisfarne Story’ show in 2012 as a fresh and original way to perform Lindisfarne music and share the group’s history with Lindisfarne fans.

After two successful UK tours in 2015 and 2016, Ray and Billy are back for another chapter and there’s so much more to talk about since the last tour.

There is ‘Clear White Light’ – a play featuring the music of Lindisfarne’s Alan Hull; ‘We Can Swing Together’ – a new biography of the band; there’s even a new version of Lindisfarne, fronted by original member Rod Clements.

The Lindisfarne Story is a real insight into the history of the group and the talented individuals who have forged many fantastic songs over five decades.

So if you are Lindisfarne’s biggest fan or simply love the music of the 1960s and 70s, then this show is for you.

Ray and Billy bring The Lindisfarne Story to Lincoln New Theatre Royal on Wednesday, March 27.

For tickets call 01522 519999 or book via