Gainsborough: Vault Festival to host premiere of Fat Man

A Fat Man is coming to Gainsborough as the Vault Festival hosts the premiere of a tragi-comedy with a unique new twist, as a classic Greek myth unfolds through the medium of stand-up.

Written and performed by Martin Bonger, Fat Man is a re-imagining of one of the most iconic characters of Greek Mythology, as Orpheus becomes a flailing, over-eating musician-turned-comedian, presenting his familiar story as an autobiographical stand-up routine.

“The Orpheus I’ve created in Fat Man is fat with shame and conceit, trying to cling onto the belief that because of his music he’s as powerful as a God,” said Bonger,

“He starts at this place of godly confidence and ends up back down on earth, humbled by failure.”

“The world of stand-up feels like a great fit for the story, and the show looks at the bittersweet way a comic is often putting grief out there to be laughed at while searching for a kind of catharsis.”

“I’m interested in those familiarly human details of a person’s story that can throw you off balance unexpectedly, leaving you laughing to keep from crying.”

Fat Man is on at the x-Church in Gainsborough on 10th April at 7.30pm.

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