Justin Tumbles into arena

JUSTIN Fletcher is a national treasure.

The children’s entertainer was the undoubted star of the show when CBeebies brought their live show to Sheffield’s Motorpoint Arena.

It was obvious from the minute he hit the stage that every single child in attendance loved him, and his alter ego Mr Tumble.

He appears to have a genuine love for his job, and for kids, and he educates without patronising.

In the CBeebies Live! show Justin was joined by favourites such as Sportacus, Postman Pat, Mister Maker, the Zingzillas and Mike the Knight.

The premise of the show is that Robbie Rotten, Sportacus’ arch nemesis, locks up all the other stars and characters so that the audience will eventually have to love him.

Of course, bad guys never win and the good guys triumph – but there’s also a happy ending for Robbie Rotten, who gets his round of applause for the right reasons.

This is what CBeebies is all about, good healthy family entertainment with an encouraging moral message.

Parents can trust the content on the CBeebies channel, a lot of it is aimed at informing kids on different ways of life, on cooking, on music, dance and literature.

This translates to the show, with the television presenters of different shows joining forces to teach an arena full of children simple song and dance routines.

The set design was simple, but looked good. And a huge screen helped bridge the gap between scenes with short humorous clips and introductions for each character.

It was cheesy and pantomime and everything you’d hope from a family show.