Pioneers' work is celebrated

The National Centre for Craft and Design (NCCD), in Sleaford, is set to stage an exhibiton which recognises the 100th anniversary of some women in winning the right to vote

Agnus Jones - Blacksmith Women's Work. EMN-180615-162919001
Agnus Jones - Blacksmith Women's Work. EMN-180615-162919001

Women’s Work: Pioneering Contemporary Craft 
will run from July 7 to September 2, examining the 
work, impact and struggle of some innovative female makers forging careers in traditionally male dominated crafts.

Women’s Work features work by six female artists and makers working in fields as diverse as blacksmithing, woodworking, leather working, stone cutting and technology.

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While some of the of the artists place a heavy emphasis on working with traditional methods and tools, others 
are innovating using new tools, techniques and technologies.

While much of the work in the exhibition focuses on the skill and the value of the craft itself, one of the artists, blacksmith Agnes Jones, has chosen to create metal portraits of suffragettes and other influential female figures that have blazed a trail in various male dominated industries.

Alongside each work, the exhibition includes text from each of the artists about their thoughts of the disparity of women in certain creative fields and theirs specifically, as well as their perspective of how gender is represented in the arts and design industry generally.