Superstar chef on the road to Grimsby

This autumn sees the return of superstar chef James Martin touring live in theatres up and down the UK and it starts on October 3 at Grimsby Auditorium.
James Martin - On the Road.....Again EMN-180404-082103001James Martin - On the Road.....Again EMN-180404-082103001
James Martin - On the Road.....Again EMN-180404-082103001

‘On the Road… Again’ will see James bring the experiences of his hit TV shows French Adventure, American Adventure and Saturday Morning with James Martin to this brand new live show.

His legendary cooking skills will be on display, dazzling the audiences with his skill, speed and dexterity, and of course his usual unabashed humour.

Tickets for the show go on sale this Friday April 6 at 9am.

To book tickets call the box office on 0300 300 0035 or visit

Audiences can expect an entertaining, fast-moving immersive show, jam-packed with James’s signature cooking demonstrations and full of exciting twists, big surprises and some very special additions.

Although food will be at the heart of the show, Martin will also be joined by special guests and much, much more.

In 2016 James learned to play guitar for the tour, so who knows what surprise he will pull out of the pan this year!

The tour reflects James’s love of hearty food as well as some of his other passion - the great outdoors and, of course, fast cars.

There will also be a regional guest chef who will add an exciting dynamic to each show.

James will welcome guests into his on-stage kitchen, including some of his celebrity friends and members of the audience. Plus look out for an exciting twist every night as James attempts to create a dish in the most difficult of circumstances...

With more than two decades in TV, Martin is truly a superstar chef.

Whether skateboarding across the kitchen as a child or taking part in the world’s most prestigious vintage road race, TV chef James Martin has never been one to sit still.

Within each live show there is a dynamic and entertaining narrative in which James gives insight into two passions – cooking and cars – which have fuelled his hopes, dreams and successes and made him the household name he is today.

The live shows are much, much more than straightforward cookery demonstrations.

James said: “It’s very important for me that we put on a show and a performance.

“It’s not just going to be me standing at an oven baking some bread!

“I had such great feedback from the first tour that I am determined to put all my energy into this one to make it even better!”