Am-dram open night for new play at Mablethorpe

Sutton Theatre Company and the Tennyson Players from Mablethorpe are holding an open night this Friday, July 12, at Mablethorpe Conservative Club, starting at 7pm.

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After a successful first joint production, the two groups are considering three plays for their next offering, which will take place in the autumn.

Extracts from each of the plays will be read through and anyone will be able to read any of the parts.

At the end of the evening, one of the plays will be selected, cast chosen and rehearsals planned.

Anyone interested in joining this group of friendly people to help with the production, in an off-stage or on-stage role, can go along on the night.

Anyone unable to make the Friday meeting, but who would still like to be involved with the production in some way, can contact Robert Watson on 01507 442020.