Fancy yourself as Lincolnshire’s next ‘Strictly’ dancing star?

You may have heard the rumour, you may have seen the teaser ads, and we can now confirm that it’s all true... ‘Strictly’ is coming to Lincolnshire!

Strictly Lincolnshire

After months of planning the secret is now out, and the Butterfly Hospice - based in Lincolnshire - can reveal that they are looking for local people in the public eye to take up the challenge.

A Butterfly Hospice spokesman said: “We will pair you up with a partner for eight weeks of professional dance lessons.

“These will take place on Sundays in Sleaford, for approximately one hour per session.

“A commitment from you is to raise a minimum of £350 in sponsorship money.”

The spokesman continued: “We will design your own personal fundraising campaign, which will be supported by our own countywide media campaign

“You will be launched into the public spotlight through our social media and the local press.

“Your big moment will happen on Friday June 5 at the Gliderdrome, Boston, in front of a voting audience and our panel of judges.

“You will be performing in the opening group number and a special choreographed number for you and your partner.

“So, do you think you could lift the Glitter Ball Trophy?”

“There are limited places available, on a first come first serve basis, so contact us immediately if you are interested.”

All proceeds will go to the Butterfly Hospice Trust.

• Call 01205 311222 or visit for more information or to apply.