Hobson's Choice at Horncastle Theatre

A Victorian comedy drama set in Salford is the latest offering from Horncastle Theatre Company.
Hobsons Choice at Horncastle Theatre this weekHobsons Choice at Horncastle Theatre this week
Hobsons Choice at Horncastle Theatre this week

Hobson’s Choice opened last might (Wednesday) and runs to Saturday, May 19.

The youngest daughters of curmudgeonly bootmaker Henry Hobson are anxious to marry.

They have eligible suitors, but must wait until eldest daughter Maggie is promised in marriage.

Practical-minded Maggie has other plans, which include freedom from her father’s tyranny, a business and a husband of her own.

Her choice: Hobson’s shy apprentice Will Mossop.

This Lancashire comedy in four acts by Harold Brighouse is directed at the Lion Theatre by Wendy Ireland.

Tickets cost £7 and £6 from the music shop, 01507 526566.

Tickets for future productions will be available online as well as from the music shop.