REVIEW: ​Follow the yellow brick road to Ayscough Hall!

​It’s officially panto season in Louth – oh yes it is – and a community pantomime is the perfect place to start.
The Louth Community Pantomime Group's 2024 production The Wizard of Oz.The Louth Community Pantomime Group's 2024 production The Wizard of Oz.
The Louth Community Pantomime Group's 2024 production The Wizard of Oz.

​The Louth Community Pantomime Group, formerly the Friends of Louth Hospital, debuted their 2024 production The Wizard of Oz last night (Wednesday) at Ayscough Hall, raising money for Daniel’s Kitchen [formerly the Neighbour’s Kitchen] and Lily’s Rainbow Fund.

Starring as ruby-slippered Dorothy who finds herself in the world of Oz following a tornado on her family’s farm in Kansas is the incredibly talented Sophie Browne who is blessed with a beautiful singing voice and lights up the stage as our heroine.

Her travelling companions the Scarecrow, Tinman, and Cowardly Lion, played by Steve Baumber, Paul Staines, and Beve Tooze respectively, bring much loveable energy to the stage, and the dastardly Wicked Witch of the West (Catherine Sweeney) had the audience booing and hissing in spades.

Elite Dance Academy as the Munchkins.Elite Dance Academy as the Munchkins.
Elite Dance Academy as the Munchkins.

Katrina Knox brought some glamour as Glinda the good witch, while director Belinda Baumber also served as our narrator and and kept things moving nicely.

The show ticked every box a successful pantomime needs – plenty of audience participation, song and dance numbers, and some cheeky jokes which will go over children’s heads but have grown ups chuckling.

The ensemble cast (Jackie Richardson, Becky Clark, Serina Smith, Sally Smith, and Brooke Denman) in roles varying from Dorothy’s aunt and uncle and talking trees, also do a terrific job and you can tell the whole cast were having a blast.

A special mention must go to Elite Dance Academy who brought the stage to life as the Munchkins, and GRS Signs who created the very professional-looking yellow brick road especially for the show.

The Wizard of Oz will be performed until Saturday (January 6) and it’s 100 percent worth a watch – not only because of the two wonderful causes set to benefit, but because of the talent and hard work of the cast and crew.

Tickets can still be purchased by calling the box office on 01507 354476 or 07879 815698.