Wolds Words Festival: The Sellwood Girls, a one-act play in Horncastle.

The final event in the Wolds Words Festival 2016 sees the world premiere of '˜The Sellwood Girls', a one-act play by Margaret Crompton.

Emily Tennyson EMN-161026-121526001

It will be performed this Saturday, October 9, at the Lion Theatre in Horncastle by the Horncastle Theatre Company.

The performance starts at 6pm, with tickets cost £7 and £6 from Horncastle Music Shop, 01507 526566. 

Set in the early-19th century, the play offers a window into the early lives of Emily, Louisa and Anne Sellwood and their husbands, Alfred and Charles Tennyson, and Charles Weld.

Alfred Tennyson EMN-161026-121515001

Their stories are characterised by hope and anxiety, love and loss, delight and despair, illness, guilt and reconciliation. 

It is a local history lesson in the form of a play, excellently read by the Horncastle Theatre Company.  

The cosy Lion Theatre, tucked away behind The Red Lion pub is a stones throw from where the siblings would have danced together in The Assembly Rooms above the Bull Hotel - picture a ballroom scene from Pride and Prejudice and that is what it would have been like.

The sisters lived in a large house just around the corner on the market square, their father a prominent man in the town; the Tennyson boys would have ridden in from Somersby, 6 miles away. Louisa married Charles first, Emily and Alfred were bridesmaid and best man respectively at their wedding.

Alfred Tennyson EMN-161026-121515001

Emily and Alfred married 14 years later, the same year he was appointed Queen Victoria’s Poet Laureate in 1850.