Tom Allen comes to Lincoln - Absolutely

The suave and ever-so-slightly waspish Tom Allen stops off at Lincoln this weekend as part of his epic-sized debut solo UK tour, Absolutely.
Tom Allen EMN-180130-163500001Tom Allen EMN-180130-163500001
Tom Allen EMN-180130-163500001

Soaked in Tom’s signature snobbery and self-aggrandising wit, Absolutely addresses the elephant in the room that Tom is still living at home with his parents - because he can’t afford not to – in Bromley, Kent – heart of leave voters and Theresa May’s Brexit Britain.

Tom addresses the ‘difficult times’ we live in but were things better ‘back in the day’, when he was a kid and you could fit 15 kids in one car?

In the last year, Tom has supported Sarah Millican around the world, sold out his Edinburgh and London runs and even passed his driving test

The show is at Lincoln Drill Hall this Sunday, February 4, starting at 8pm.

For tickets call the box office on 01522 873894 or visit .