Worldwide acclaim for Dearne author

The latest book from the stable of a Rawmarsh writer shot off the shelves and went on to win acclaim from some of the big names in music.

Mod chronicle ‘Sawdust Caesars: original Mod Voices’ by Tony Beesley was published late this summer.

Reviews from Australia, the USA, Canada, Sweden and Italy flooded in for the 450-page book. It also featured strongly on radio and in high street magazines ‘Shindig’ and ‘Classic Scooterist Scene’ along with ‘Heavy Soul’ Mod fanzine.

Pete Townshend of The Who, who based his Jimmy character in ‘Quadrophenia’ on Irish Jack Lyons, added his approval. A video of Jack Lyons speaking about the book is on youtube. Tony even produced a limited edition ‘Sawdust Caesars’ 2015 Calendar which sold out in a few days.

He said: “The book just keeps on selling. The stories are out there for all to read and re-live for future generations. It’s important to keep social history alive and no better subject than the sub-culture of Mod to bring back the decades – from the grey post-war world of the 50’s to the ever-changing 70’s and 80’s and beyond. Importantly, the book’s creation has brought me in touch with some truly amazing people.”

‘Sawdust Caesars: original Mod Voices’ explores the whole Mod phenomenon in depth with hundreds of exclusive photographs. It moves from the changing musical tastes of Mods to their evolving fashions, scooters, clubs, favoured groups from The Who to The Jam, and present day acts such as The Spitfires.

Signed copies of the book are available at www.tonybeesleymodworld and most online stores.

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