Average home has 18 smart devices: how many do you have?

How many ‘smart devices’ such as mobile phones and tablets does your household have? According to a new survey, the average UK household now owns 18!

Average home has 18 smart devices: how many do you have?
Average home has 18 smart devices: how many do you have?

Samsung, who questioned 18,000 Europeans, also found Britons spend the most on downloading and streaming music - averaging £144 a year - with 46% of us streaming either music, TV or video at least once a week.

App use on devices such as smartphones and tablets is also up, having more than doubled since last year from 23% to 54%, with Samsung suggesting the findings show the UK is well on its way to embracing the smart home, as well as using it to broaden our horizons.

Samsung’s European marketing chief Stephen Taylor said: “Today, our homes are the centre of our personal cultural universe. The exponential growth of digital media, more quality content and a greater number of devices holds so much possibility.

“The increased level of global connectivity means that we are currently experiencing a period of unprecedented changes. We are able to explore the world, educate ourselves and enrich our life-experiences, all from within our own homes.”

The research also found that one in three UK residents are now paying for educational content; a 10% rise on 2014, with households now spending more per month on digital educational material than they do on mobile games, books and streaming music.

Samsung suggests the increasing uptake of technology could be down to improving financial situations for some, with the research reporting that 78% of those asked from the UK said they felt confident about their financial prospects for the coming year.

The survey was carried out as part of the firm’s annual Techonomic Index, which measures how different countries are using technology.