Beauty salon makes positive change for life during lockdown

A long-standing beauty salon has made the most out of the difficult circumstances over the past year, by diversifying their business to continue serving their customers.
Elysium Beauty Salon in LouthElysium Beauty Salon in Louth
Elysium Beauty Salon in Louth

When the first national lockdown was introduced last March, the team at the Elysium Beauty Salon in Louth decided it would be important to stay in close 
contact with their clients.

One of the salon owners, Rachael Nurrish-Walker, said: “Twenty-two years ago, myself and my business partner Liz McCluskie opened Elysium Beauty Salon.

“After throwing a few ideas for business names around we decided on Elysium, as it means a state or place of ideal happiness.

Salon owners, Rachael Nurrish-Walker and Liz McCluskie.Salon owners, Rachael Nurrish-Walker and Liz McCluskie.
Salon owners, Rachael Nurrish-Walker and Liz McCluskie.

“We wanted our clients to feel that Elysium was a cheerful place and that they felt happy both during and after their treatments the name fitted perfectly.

“We always make sure that we maintain a high level of customer service and aftercare to follow this through.

“When we were hit with closure last March it was important to us to keep the contact with our clients and maintain that care.

“We decided each Sunday we’d send out an email with positive vibes, self care tips, product recommendations and as an opportunity for clients who felt the need to reach out and have someone to talk to. Many of our clients live alone or in unhappy circumstances, and their regular visit to the salon is one they look forward to not only for their physical but mental wellbeing too.

Social media has been a huge part of lockdown life, giving clients the opportunity to interact with our posts and the many Facebook Live events we have held

“We run a click and collect service, also delivering free within our local area to shielding or vulnerable clients.

“Having socially distanced doorstep chats has been the highlight of many a clients’ week, and given us the chance to check in with them.

“We have had wonderful thank you letters from clients saying all our hard work has been a god send and that they look forward each week to hearing from us.

“Taking the feedback on board, we have decided that in 2021 we are to launch ‘Happiness from Elysium’.

“Although we can’t always be by each other’s sides, we can send a little happiness and positivity to our friends, family and loved ones.

“Happiness is a range of gift sets available via our online shop at, or email

“We initially have four different ones: Girls Night in, Couples Date Night, Dog Walkers, and The Navy Ultimate Hand Care. Each of these not only include products that we retail in the salon, but also those from other local independent businesses as our ethos has always been to support local.

“We can also create personalised gifts. These gifts sets can be purchased for yourself or loved ones then either collected on Saturdays, delivered locally, or posted out to anywhere in the country for a small charge of £3:50.

“We also have a new Instagram account (@happiness_from_elysium) which is full of positivity.”

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