Blyton woman launched her own online beauty product business

Despite many businesses struggling during the Covid-19 pandemic a Blyton woman has launched her own online beauty business.

QT Kosmetics was founded by Karen Carless three months ago.

The mission behind this Lincolnshire born business is to primarily provide high-quality branded cosmetics for affordable prices, and to help further enhance everyone’s inner confidence.

Karen, 54, said: “Starting a business during a global pandemic was a massive risk, but lots of people have been remodelling businesses to fit the new norm or starting something completely new, so I thought, why can I not achieve my goal too?

Karen Carless has launched QT Kosmetics

"Before Covid-19 hit I went to high street shops for my cosmetics and during the lockdown periods, online was the only available option. But, after buying all my products online all at once, I was astounded at the total cost of them all.

"I began to research wholesale cosmetic costs and soon realised that retailers were making a hefty mark up on these products simply because they got them in bulk.

"I looked at ways I could share these discounts with other people and quickly realised I needed a lot more than just family and friends to make the bulk purchases viable.”

The aim of Karen’s business is to provide high quality cosmetics at an affordable price and provide real, human customer service.

Karen said: “Profit will never be my key driver. I've never wanted to be a millionaire.

"I've worked all my life and I'm happy to make a living. Health and happiness are my key drivers and I'm fortunate to be super rich in both of these areas.”

"As QT Kosmetics continues to strive, in just this three month time period, the business has formed its own eCommerce site, alongside working with passionate people within the makeup industry.

"Instead of facing unrealistic costs and expectations in the beauty industry, QT Kosmetics offers passionate make up enthusiasts with products they long to have, for amazing prices.

"But most importantly, the ethos of the company is to not change who you are, but to highlight your confidence.”

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