Boston pub re-opens following extensive re-vamp as ‘community-driven’ couple seek new venture

A pub on the outskirts of Boston has re-opened following an extensive refurbishment after being taken on by a ‘community-driven’ couple – one an ex-paramedic, the other a former member of the Royal Navy.

Andy and Marie Robinson, of the Ball House, Boston. Picture: TTS Media
Andy and Marie Robinson, of the Ball House, Boston. Picture: TTS Media

The Ball House, in Wainfleet Road, re-launched on Friday, now under the management of the Robinson family, headed up by husband-and-wife team Andy and Marie.

The Batemans pub has been closed since May 2020.

It is a new venture for Andy, 49, and Marie, 39.

Andy and Marie with members of the family.

“Andy has always had a dream of running a pub and when he said he wanted to, I originally thought he was joking and the idea would pass,” said Marie, speaking to the Standard ahead of the re-launch. “Here we are seven weeks down the line from the initial interview and we’re opening this week.”

Andy, who was born in Boston, has a healthcare background and was a paramedic for 26 years; he has taken on the role of head chef. Marie retired from the Royal Navy after 20 years in July 2019 to venture into education; she will be running front of house (around her full time job at Boston College), while training the family into the role.

Marie says the business will reflect the shared passion she and her husband have for helping the community through charity.

“We have taken on this new business and venture to continue our joy of helping others and being part of the community. We are both community-driven people and are always trying to make others’ lives a little better,” she said.

Outside the pub. Picture: TTS Media

In that spirit, the pub has already launched a community Christmas dinner and also has plans of running a toy drive.

Andy and Marie paid tribute to those who have supported them in re-launching the pub, including some of Marie’s engineering students, but also friends, tradesmen and local businesses.

“We hope the new look is liked by all and we look forward to continue to turn The Ball House in to our vision over the coming years,” Marie said.

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