Call for 'care' as county prepares for return of visitors when Covid-19 restrictions are eased

Visitors planning trips to Lincolnshire as Covid-19 restrictions are eased are being urged to take extra 'care'

A campaign is calling for visitors to 'care' for the coast when they return.

Earlier this month, East Lindsey District Council called on would-be visitors to ‘Care for our Coast, Care for our Countryside, and Care for our Communities’ - and now they are ramping up the campaign to remind those who come to the area of the need to be responsible.

With the Stay at Home guidance set to come to an end on Monday, March 29, it is still advised that travel should be minimised until at least April 12, when Step 2 on the Government’s Covid Roadmap is currently set to come into effect.

That will see self-catering accommodation, including caravan parks re-open.

However, the the District Council is concerned that there may be a significant number of people choosing to travel to the area over the coming Easter weekend.

As they look to ensure East Lindsey remains safe and ready to welcome people back throughout the year, the District Council will be installing signage carrying the Care message across the area’s towns and at the borders of the district.

The council are also encouraging local businesses to get involved too and download and put up their own posters to help reinforce the message.

In addition, the District Council will also shortly be releasing a video to launch their #CareforEastLincs social media campaign, which will carry messages from local businesses and organisations who are looking to safely welcome back visitors as and when restrictions properly allow.

Over the Easter Weekend, the Council will also be implementing a marshal scheme at Skegness’ Festival car park to ensure that those who do choose to visit are aware of the new entrance to car park (via Princes Parade), as a result of the improvement and pedestrianisation works undertaken at Tower Esplanade.

A spokesperson for the Council said: “Clearly, as lockdown measures ease and the weather begins to improve, we do expect people to once again start visiting our district.

"Through our Care campaign we are asking that any would-be visitors follow the latest rules around travel, and should they choose to come here, that they work with us and our residents to take care of East Lincolnshire and help keep it safe by following the latest guidance, and to help keep it clean and litter free.

"By doing that we can ensure we can all enjoy the area for the year to come.”


The 'Stay at Home' order, in which you could only go out if you had a "reasonable excuse", will be replaced by a new 'Stay Local' directive.

The Government defines 'local' as your village, town or the part of a city where you live.

Those who can work from home should do so.

International travel will still be prohibited along with non-essential overnight stays outside your household.

Outdoor gatherings of up to six people or two households will be allowed - the Rule of 6 is returning.

That means groups bigger than six people can meet up, as long as they are from a maximum of two households.

Groups can meet anywhere outdoors, including the garden of someone's home.

However, those who do not live together must continue to maintain a safe social distance from each other.

Outdoor sports facilities like tennis courts, basketball courts and golf courses can also reopen.

Organised sport, like grassroots football, can also return.

Tower Gardens, Alma Avenue and Winthorpe playparks will re-open.

The next big change on the roadmap out of lockdown is on April 12, when non-essential retailers and personal care services like barbers and hairdressers can re-open.

Hospitality businesses like cafés and bars will be allowed to serve customers sitting outside.

Foreign travel will not be allowed, other than for a few permitted reasons.

Holidays will not be allowed. The government’s new taskforce will review global travel will report on April 12.

Skegness Town Council office in the Tower Gardens Pavilion will be open for face to face visits on April 12.

Café Dansant will be open for outside seating on May 15.

On May 17, Café Dansant will be open for inside seating and use of the Community Hall for adults with restrictions in place.

From June 21, all services and facilities will be open as usual, and larger events will be permitted.

More information about the Care campaign, and a downloadable poster, can be found at: