Cheesemakers create cream tea cheese for Platinum Jubilee

A Lincolnshire cheese maker is chuckling with delight after creating their own smelly tribute to Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee.

Chuckling Cheese's new Cream Tea Cheese.
Chuckling Cheese's new Cream Tea Cheese.
Chuckling Cheese's new Cream Tea Cheese.

The Chuckling Cheese Company have curated and launched a special edition Cheddar Truckle in celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebration, that its founders say is fit for a Queen.

This special edition Cream Tea Cheese is a creamy cheddar cheese, infused with delicious strawberry jam, and laced with juicy raisins.

The combination of these flavours aims to resemble the taste of the traditional British jam and cream scone – an institution of British culture – arguably just like Her Majesty The Queen.

The Cream Tea Cheese is available to buy both online and in one of the Chuckling Cheese’s stores.

You can also find this new Cream Tea Cheddar Truckle in a variety of carefully curated hampers and gift boxes online including our ‘Jubilee Hamper’, and ‘Get Jammie Gift Box’.

The Chuckling Cheese Company is family-run company, established in 2015 by Emma and Stuart Colclough, and now boasts shops all across the country.

The company has recently invested £500,000 in a new warehouse and offices, which offers 10 times as much space and the company has increased the number of warehouse staff by 50 percent, including six new roles.

Alongside the increase in employees, the move has required a large increase in stock and the new warehouse is able to hold 200 percent more products than the company could at the start of 2021.

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