Clarkson’s Farm's Diddly Squat products available in Louth

Quirkies manager Carol Emsley (left) with owner Carla Emsley.Quirkies manager Carol Emsley (left) with owner Carla Emsley.
Quirkies manager Carol Emsley (left) with owner Carla Emsley.
Fans of the hit Amazon Prime TV show Clarkson’s Farm can now buy some of their favourite Diddly Squat products right here in Louth.

Quirkies Cafe, located in New Market Hall, have reached an agreement with Jeremy Clarkson’s Diddly Squat Farm to stock some of the products featured in the show, including handmade crisps and fruit juices.

Following the recent announcement that Quirkies has been named ‘Best Cafe in Louth’ by Restaurant Guru, owner Carla Emsley made the decision to expand on their product range with Clarksons Farm Shop.“We were so pleased that we were voted the Best Cafe in Louth 2023 from Restaurant Guru, and with us being the largest cafe in Louth, I wanted expand on that by bringing new things into the cafe, and to Louth,” Carla said.

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"By offering something such as Diddly Squat items, the first to offer them in this area would not only bring new customers to the cafe, but also foot trade to all the other businesses that are located inside the Newmarket Hall.

“All of us at the cafe loved watching the show, and when we saw that there was an online shop, we jumped at the chance to potentially stock some of their products.”

Those who watch the show will have seen Mr Clarkson attempt to turn some of the farm’s hundreds of potatoes into said crisps – and ended up injuring his finger and needing stitches.

Carla added that the cafe will be applying for an alcohol licence so they can sell more of the items, and will also be bringing in the chutneys.

To find out more about Quirkies, and to view their full menu, visit

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