Co-op grants boost community

Christmas has come early for 13 good causes in the Sleaford area '“ with funding grants from Lincolnshire Co-op totalling more than £10,000.
Dave Couzens, steward at Heckington Playing Field and Pavilion.Dave Couzens, steward at Heckington Playing Field and Pavilion.
Dave Couzens, steward at Heckington Playing Field and Pavilion.

The groups were all chosen by the supermarket chain for making a real difference to their communities.

Those awarded a grant are as follows:

l Heckington Pavillion and Playing Field and Heckington St Andrew’s School were awarded an equal share of £1,785.59.

l Metheringham Squash Rackets Club, Nocton Parish Council, Tin Tin Playgroup and Special Olympics Lincolnshire were each awarded an equal share of £2,586.46.

l Rainbow Stars support group for children with autism and families with additional needs was awarded £1,534.89.

l Ruskington Young at Heart Club and Cranwell Primary School each shared a total of £2,126.94.

l Welbourn Play and Leisure Project and Navenby Parish Council each received a share of £1,179.82.

l Timberland and South Kyme village halls were each awarded an equal share of £1,375.30.

Heckington Pavillion and Playing Field will use its £892 share of the grant to relocate and update its old playground.

Dave Couzens, steward at the pavillion and playing fields explained: “We are hoping to improve the children’s play area as the equipment is absolutely worn out, so this money will help us buy some more bits for it.

“We are planning to move it to go alongside the new outdoor gym equipment we had installed here, so it is all in one big area for everyone to use.”

South Kyme village hall is planning to put its £687 grant money towards sprucing up the site. The village hall’s chairman Josie Phillips said: “The money will help us to refurbish the smaller committee room at the side which we had run out of money to do.”

The Co-op’s senior community and education co-ordinator Ben James said: “We’re delighted to have raised such a brilliant amount for these community groups.

“They each have a huge impact on the areas around them, and this money will help them continue making a difference to people’s lives.

“We can’t wait to see how this money benefits them all.”

A donation was made through the Community Champions scheme every time a member shopped in a Lincolnshire Co-op outlet in September, October and November.

Proceeds from the carrier bag charge and colleagues’ Halloween fundraising also went into the pot.

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