Community grant funding opportunities for West Lindsey projects to improve employment prospects

More than £860,000 is available to help support people with access to training and learning across Lincolnshire.

Community groups are being urged to apply for the funding before it runs out

Third sector and small organisations can apply for the funding from the the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership (GLLEP) Employment and Skills Grant programme.

This is a final call for projects for up to £20,000 towards supporting a cohort of learners that may be significantly disadvantaged or facing multiple barriers into the workplace.

The programme is co-financed by the European Social Fund, and is being administered by Bishop Grosseteste University. Organisations that want to apply need to get their submission in before July 21 with projects to be completed by end March 2022.

Amanda Bouttell, is the Employment and Skills lead at West Lindsey District Council, and sits on the grant panel that approve the applications and she is urging community groups to apply for the funding before it runs out.

She said: “This grant funding is a chance to transform the lives of individuals that often feel marginalised from mainstream learning opportunities.

"It aims to support small cohorts with complex and profound barriers to move forward into employment.

"The scheme is about to enter its final phase so I would strongly advise organisations to come forward and apply for the funding.

"I’d love to see more projects benefiting residents across West Lindsey.”

Jayne Robinson, project lead at Bishop Grosseteste University, said: “We would really like to see organisations or groups apply that are able to help those that are not supported through any other provision. Projects that can help improve people’s confidence, motivation and social integration such as sport, gardening, music, art and creative activities will all be welcome.

"Our aim is to remove barriers that prevent people to get a job or access learning.”

Expressions of interest can be made on the Bishop Grosseteste University- Opens in a new window website, where contact will be made to check eligibility.

Projects should aim to start by September 2021 and must be completed by March 2022.