The best broadband for rural communities in Lincolnshire with groundbreaking 90-day offer from Quickline

Broadband provider Quickline is leading the charge in empowering rural communities with a new zero cost, zero contract broadband offer.
People’s digital lives will be transformedPeople’s digital lives will be transformed
People’s digital lives will be transformed

In a bold move to challenge the status quo, the cutting-edge broadband provider is flying the flag for residents in rural locations, by offering all new customers three months’ service for free, with no requirement to sign up to a contract.

The “try before you buy” model is a powerful statement of intent from Quickline, which stands against many broadband providers in rural areas, who put customers on lengthy contracts while delivering poor speeds, frequent buffering, and infuriating dropouts.

Rural communities are increasingly being left behind in what has been described as a growing “digital divide” between rural and urban areas.

Try before you buy with three months’ free serviceTry before you buy with three months’ free service
Try before you buy with three months’ free service

While many providers saturate urban areas with excessive fibre networks, creating an overcrowded marketplace, rural communities are often neglected and left behind.

Empowering customers to make own decisions

Quickline, however, champions these communities.

It is now taking a leap to catapult rural users into the broadband fast lane by offering new customers the opportunity to enjoy its service for 90 days without any financial burden or commitment whatsoever.

Quickline CEO Sean Royce reiterated his belief that no community should endure sub-standard broadband.

He said: “We believe passionately that no-one should have to struggle with poor broadband.

“It’s a lifeline that permeates every aspect of life, encompassing leisure and socialising.

“Instead of forcing customers to lock into a lengthy contract from the get-go, we’re empowering them to make their own decision, on their terms, and in their own time.

“We’re confident customers who take up this offer will be delighted with the service and never look back!”

90 days free with no conditions or catches

With unwavering commitment, Quickline is investing significantly in a hybrid network of fibre and 5G fixed wireless broadband serving rural areas of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

Their cutting edge infrastructure is promising to revolutionise the digital lives of people even in the most remote communities.

The broadband provider is now offering new customers 90 days of free broadband, without any conditions or catches.

If people love the service, they can sign up for a contract. If they’re not happy, they can leave with no charge or penalty.

If customers want more time to decide, they can move onto a rolling contract, so they’re not committed to a long-term deal.

Unlike some other providers, who tie customers down with lengthy contracts and deliver poor speeds and reliability, there are no catches or hidden terms and conditions.

How to take up the zero cost offer

Residential customers can benefit from the offer, which is available on all technologies and packages.

Fibre broadband customers can receive speeds of up to 900Mbps, with fixed wireless customers benefiting from speeds of up to 200Mbps.

Backed by £500m of investment from owner Northleaf Capital Partners, Quickline is one of the UK’s fastest-growing broadband providers.

Its coverage area spans North and West Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire, and Lincolnshire.

To take up the zero cost, zero conditions offer, call Quickline’s sales team on 01482 230393.

For more information on Quickline and the provider’s broadband packages, visit