Corporate law firm moving to bungalow?

A corporate law firm which has outgrown its Sleaford town centre office space is proposing to relocate to a bungalow in the suburbs.


Edmund Shoreman-Lawson set up ELMS Legal in 2016 in Newark and currently operates from offices above the GP surgery in Handley Street, but having grown considerably, attracting clients from the debt recovery and car parking industries

In documents submitted to North Kestevn District Council planners, the firm says it again needs to move to bigger premises while remaining local.

They have studied the potential office space in the area finding those available to be too small or too big for their needs, employing 10 staff and so propose to convert a large bungalow at 141 Grantham Road from residential to office use as a temporary fix for up to three years.

Mr Shoreman-Lawson says the large premises is ideal at present for their needs, having served as a day hospice in the past.

The firm says the property has capacity to accommodate more staff and has ample off-road parking, while already being owned by the firm’s principal solicitor, who is also the sole director of ELMS Homes.

Mr Shoreman-Lawson states: “Truthfully, there are no other premises that accommodate our needs and we have worked with NKDC’s team in researching them and we really do desire to stay and recruit local labour in the Sleaford area.”

Eventually the company would move to more traditional office space.

The application argues that it would not generate more traffic as it is on the staff’s usual route to work and some would walk, adding: “We are not open to the public and our hours of business are 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, therefore, no inconvenience or noise pollution would occur in this immediate area.