Czech out this great news for Revesby estate

Venison reared on Revesby Estate has become a staple ingredient at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in London.
Mrs Wiggins-Davies with the Czech Embassy head chefs. EMN-211026-143744001Mrs Wiggins-Davies with the Czech Embassy head chefs. EMN-211026-143744001
Mrs Wiggins-Davies with the Czech Embassy head chefs. EMN-211026-143744001

Head chefs from the embassy served Revesby Estate’s venison during their recent garden event, which was attended by dignitaries from around the world, including the ambassador of the Czech Republic.

The Lincolnshire ethically-bred venison was used in a Goulash recipe, a stew of meat and vegetables seasoned with paprika and other spices, and was said to have been well-received by guests during the party in London. In August 2020, Revesby Estate welcomed the Ambassador of the Czech Republic as part of an initiative to build cultural ties and promote modern British agriculture.

Since the visit, the estate has kept a close relationship with the embassy to highlight the evolution of agriculture in the UK and to showcase how British estates operate and have diversified to reflect modern society.

Stania Wiggins-Davies, of Revesby Estate, said: “It was wonderful to see guests from across the country enjoy the venison from our estate, as we enjoyed the meal with our close friends from the Czech Republic.

“The event also allowed us to network with dignitaries from around the world, building important ties and showcasing the delights that Lincolnshire has to offer.

“We are proud to welcome people to our corner of the country to highlight our forward thinking and sustainable practices, and of course, to promote our beautiful local produce.”

Revesby Estate’s deer park was first created by the first Joseph Banks, great-grandfather of the renowned botanist and president of the Royal Society, Sir Joseph Banks, in 1717.

The deer herd, live and thrive in the natural environment that the parkland provides and only deer in peak condition are selected to become venison.

Venison orders can be placed online at or by calling the estate office on 01507 568395, where you can also find more information.