Enterprise park plot earmarked for depot

Neighbouring residents are concerned about new plans to relocate a Cadent Gas engineers depot to a plot on Sleaford Enterprise Park.

Planning. Stock image.
Planning. Stock image.

The lease is due to expire on Cadent’s existing depot in Lincoln and an alternative site is needed to carry out gas supply operations.

In its application to North Kesteven District Council, the company’s agent says Sleaford provides a perfect location, well-connected by the A15 and A17. The proposed works on land at the end of Pride Parkway, backing up to Beech Rise, would involve a new office building, storage building, smaller modular office, external storage areas for plant machinery, supplies, trucks and associated parking for 25 cars. There would also be access roads, electric charging points, CCTV, lighting, retaining walls, fencing and landscaping with new tree and shrub planting, including an earth bund to shield neighbours from potential noise disturbance, although that is predicted to be of a low level.

Eleven trees on the southern boundary would need to be removed and replaced with native and ornamental shrubs. Trees could potentially be climbed to gain illegal access to the site, claims Cadent, but the district council’s tree officer expressed concerns at the tree loss.

Heather Wood, of Beech Rise, objects claiming the large storage building is three metres away from her garden, which would cause overshadowing and loss of light. She added: “Would this building not be better sited along the boundary with the railway line?”

Neighbour, Alex Lewis, said: “The previous application for this site stated that an additional earth bund would need to be built and acoustic fencing would need adding to the top of this bund in order to bring the sound levels for the residential properties on Beech Rise to an acceptable level.”

But the applicant claims the existing bund, vegetation and proposed landscaping reduces the noise levels without the need for any additional barrier height. The Environment Agency warned of an old landfill site just to the south and to consider potential risk of landfill gas.