Family event starts strongly

Boston’s Mayhem Gym held a heavyweight family fun fundraising event recently.

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Boston’s Strongest 2021 saw competitors taking part in various strength challenges including deadlifting a car and pulling a lorry.

Competitors pulled an eight tonne American truck, pressed huge amounts of weights above their heads, and lobbed a giant concrete ball about.

Refreshments including a barbecue, a dessert stand and a cocktail bar in the car park of the gym on Bittern Way.

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The event included fundraising for Nicole Herrington, who ran the Making Waves swimming lessons at Wrangle Pool, and who sadly died in a car accident last month, with more than £877 raised for her family.

Local companies provided a number of raffle prizes for the fundraising, and also helped with prize money for various categorise at the event, which attracted around 30 competitors.

Mayhem Gym owner Tom Chenery said hundreds of supporters flooded the Mayhem car park.

“The event was a huge success,” Tom said.

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“We attracted a huge crowd – they lined the street for the truck pull!”

“The support was phenomenal – it really showed off that Boston community spirit that we are all so proud of.

“We hope this is the start of something special.

“Now we start to plan for next year. Bigger and better,” said Tom.

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