Forrester Boyd’s fundraiser gives boost to children’s charity

A total of £1,250 was raised for charity at the Forrester Boyd annual Christmas quiz, which took place ‘virtually’ at the end of last year.
Alan NesbittAlan Nesbitt
Alan Nesbitt

Forrester Boyd, one of the largest accountancy firms in the region, held its seventh annual Christmas quiz which was hosted virtually on YouTube and was attended by over 100 professionals who came together for the fantastic fundraising event.

Forrester Boyd nominated regional charity Sunflowers Children’s Action Group as the recipient of monies raised. Fundraising came from generous donations made by those taking part in the quiz.

Partner and quiz master Alan Nesbitt, who is the chairman of the Louth office, said: “We are so grateful to all our professional contacts for their continued support of this event. We had a great evening and, in the process, managed to raise a substantial amount of money for Sunflowers Children’s Action Group, a very worthy regional charity.

“With all the challenges that have been thrown at businesses and charities over the last nine months, we were delighted to be able to host this event, albeit virtually, and to raise such a fantastic amount for the charity.

“Fundraising for all charities has been extremely tough so to be able to raise this money is a great achievement.”

Joanne Wright from Sunflowers Children’s Action Group said: “Without a doubt, our families, who have children contending with life-limiting conditions, have had a really tough time of it since lockdown began.

“Some children have never really been out of shielding and have had nothing like a normal childhood, whilst support services and respite have also been affected. Our small team of volunteers are doing everything they can to make a difference to these families at this difficult time.

“Without a doubt, the virtual Christmas party was a huge success and this funding starts our fundraising towards future activities. We can’t thank Forrester Boyd enough for their support.”

The Sunflowers Children’s Action Group charity was formed in 2019 to create special, inclusive events for children in our region who suffer from life-limiting or life-threatening conditions.

These children can often miss out on events such as attending school, going on school trips, and attending parties as their illnesses often result in prolonged hospital stays and isolation at home. This has been exacerbated further throughout 2020, with many of these families forced into further isolation.

Around this time of year, the charity would normally be hosting a Christmas party for these children. Last year however, the party also had to go virtual which proved to be very successful and allowed these children, along with their families, to enjoy the event and meet with other families in the region.

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