Its a wrap for present perfect product idea

A De Aston '˜old boy' is set to revolutionise wrapping ahead of this year's festive frenzy of present buying.

Craig Morfett, second left, with fellow drirectors Louise and Gary Hoffman and gift-wrap guru Jane Means.
Craig Morfett, second left, with fellow drirectors Louise and Gary Hoffman and gift-wrap guru Jane Means.

Originally from Lissington, but now living in Lincoln, Craig Morfett is the co-founder of a lick and stick gift wrap.

He hopes the easy to use paper, called Instawrap, will make wrapping presents easier for everyone.

“It sounds like quite a simple thing, but it is actually a difficult product to make,” said Craig.

“It has taken more or less two years to develop and we are very excited to be launching Instawrap® in time for this Christmas.”

The lick and stick wrap was the idea of Gary Hoffman, co-founder of Instawrap, and was born out of his own frustrations of wrapping.

“I’ve always liked the idea of giving a perfectly wrapped present and like a lot of people I used to loop the sticky tape to itself to hide it between the joins of the gift wrap,” said Gary.

“This hid the blemish of the sticky tape on the gift wrap, but it was a painstaking process which still didn’t look great.

“It was then that I came up with the idea of Instawrap®, enabling us to wrap gifts without the need or blemish of sticky tape.”

The gift wrap has been specially developed with zero taste, just lick and stick anywhere on either side.

There are also template bows on the reverse to add that extra professional touch.

“It really is fun and easy to use,” said Craig.

“It is 100 percent recyclable and proudly manufactured in the UK.

“And because you don’t have to waste time cutting sticky tape, you always have two hands free to wrap, which is a great help particularly to anyone with arthritis etc.”

Instawrap launches with four designs, revolving around the classic Scandi Christmas theme, but it is set to grow.

“At the moment we are so excited about launching and sharing Instawrap® with everyone for Christmas, yet we are, in the background, working on new designs and concepts for use on all occasions throughout the year,” added Craig.

The gift wrap officially launches on November 8, but is available to pre-order from this Friday by logging on to