Long-standing market trader quits due to ‘concerns over social distancing’

A long-standing stallholder has quit Louth Market due to what he describes as his ‘concerns’ over distancing measures put in place.

Tim Herdman, who has sold socks and underwear on local market stalls for almost three decades, said he ‘disagrees’ with the measures that ELDC has put in place in Louth since resuming the market days after the Covid-19 lockdown.

Tim said he believed that the ‘very least’ has been done, with stalls being positioned too closely together, adding that local government should be setting a good example with regard to social distancing.

He said he had been left with ‘no safe environment’ to continue trading, and said there was not enough respect for long-serving traders. He has now started trading in Cleethorpes instead, which he said has a much better set-up and additional distancing.

ELDC has hit back at Tim’s claims, saying that there had been no other complaints.

ELDC’s operations support manager, Esther Belton, said: “The markets provide the heart of our market towns, and were sadly missed during their closure early in the year. Since returning in June our markets have coped incredibly well with the new safety measures which both ourselves and the traders have introduced to ensure they can operate safely, and we’re incredibly pleased to say that we have now welcomed back all our regular traders and thank them for their co-operation during these 
very challenging times.

“Since the markets returned we have not had any complaints from traders or customers about the distancing they are able to achieve at our market stalls.

“Our Wednesday market in Louth remains our busiest day and whilst this means that we sometimes have to place stalls closer together, they are of sufficient size to allow distancing to take place both behind the stall and in front.

“Stalls are also separated by their coverings, and each one has its own access route to allow traders to come in and out safely.

“Our traders have been incredibly receptive and grateful for putting these measures in place and helping get the market back underway.”

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