Mablethorpe’s hospitality industry is back open for business

Customers carefully flocked to Mablethorpe’s pubs and restaurants at the weekend (Saturday July 4), to enjoy a long-awaited drink or a nice meal out now that the hospitality industry has been allowed to reopen.

Donna and Dean Batchelor of Derby, at The Dunes Complex in Mablethorpe.

Graham Cullen, one of the owners of the Louth Hotel in Victoria Road, said that Saturday’s reopening had started off “nice and steady”.

However, he added that he had to shut the door to extra customers after 10.30pm in order to meet the social distancing requirements, adding that a ‘small minority’ of younger customers at the pub seemed to be carrying on as usual rather than adhering to the distancing guidelines.

Mr Cullen added: “We were pleased to reopen, although I think [Boris Johnson] opened them too early.

Darrain Bowler and Sophie Wheeler with Leo Bowler (3) and Summer Bowler (9) at The Dunes Complex.

“I think he should have waited until the Monday, so that pubs weren’t opening on the same day as [other businesses].”

Darrain Bowler and his family visited from their home in Rothley, Leicestershire - outside the local lockdown zone - to stay in Sutton Springs, which they have visited for family holidays for several years.

Darrain said it was great to be able to come back to the area and enjoy a drink at The Dunes Complex, although he admitted the atmosphere was unusual due to the new strict social distancing measures.

“It’s a bit strange at first”, said Darrain. “But you just get used to it after a while.

The Dunes Complex. EMN-200607-105806001

“The Dunes Complex often has live music, which they can’t do a the moment.

“We had been itching to get back to Mablethorpe over the last few months, so it’s really good to be back.”

The Beck. Sue and Pete Capewell of Nottingham. EMN-200607-105949001
Louth Hotel. Roy Ward of Mablethorpe being served a pint by Shane Sutton. EMN-200607-105920001
The Beck. John Sheldon and Karen Ward of Rotherham with their dog Darcy. EMN-200607-110018001
Louth Hotel. Joanne Horsfield and Ann Shadbolt of Mablethorpe, filling in their details for NHS Track and Trace.
The Beck. Ray Shaw of Mablethorpe. EMN-200607-110006001
The Dunes Complex. Craig Percy, Kelly Maxted, Nick Pettipierre, Kelsey Bamford, Adam Andrews, Tracy Pettipierre.