McDonald’s and Lincolnshire County Council issue update on plans for new restaurant on outskirts of Boston

McDonald’s has issued an update on its plans to open a new restaurant near Boston amid an apparent delay in the project.

A car in the ditch next to the new McDonald's off the A52 near Tesco.
A car in the ditch next to the new McDonald's off the A52 near Tesco.

Anyone visiting Tesco, in Wyberton Fen, lately or travelling along the A52 on that side of town will have spotted a new McDonald’s drive-thru restaurant by the roadside.

However, while the building, drive-thru and car park are in place, a stretch of asphalt connecting it to the existing road network is not.

This is despite the chain receiving planning permission for the restaurant as far back as March of last year. At that time, borough councillors were told the eatery would take about 14 weeks to build.

The vehicle is on the far side of a fence and has police tape on it.

The Standard approached McDonald’s for a comment, but one was not received.

We then approached Lincolnshire County Council, as the highways authority, about the status of the development.

A spokesman said: "We are working with the developer on the final technical details so that we can enter a legal agreement to enable the new access to be constructed."

After receiving this comment, McDonald’s provided one of its own to the paper.

The view from Wortley's Lane, off the A52.

A spokesman said: "We will continue to work closely with the local council on the technical aspects of this site and look forward to delivering the new restaurant later this year.”

When the application went before the planning committee last March, members were told the restaurant would create 65 jobs.

Despite concerns over litter and traffic, it was backed by all members of the committee, except Coun Yvonne Stevens, who abstained.

Not ready to open just yet.