Morrisons offering free water refills to its customers

Morrisons customers can now fill up their water bottles while they fill up their cars and shopping bags as the supermarket now offers free water refills.

This new initiative is to encourage customers and motorists to make the switch from single-use plastic to refillable bottles.

At Morrisons petrol forecourt kiosks, customers will now be able to hand their reusable bottles to attendants who will fill them up for free, before sanitising them and returning them to the customer. The service will be available at all of Morrisons 338 filling stations nationwide.

The move comes after a 12 week Morrisons trial in August 2020 where 18 per cent fewer single-use water bottles were sold, in comparison to the same period the previous year. Morrisons is therefore extending the refill service following the trial’s success.

Customers will be able to hand their reusable bottles to sanitised forecourt attendants who will accept customers’ bottles and fill them up for free at all of Morrisons 337 filling stations across the UK.

Morrisons has already installed more than 300 stand-alone water fountains in the Food-to-Go sections of its stores for customers to fill their bottles on-the-go.

Natasha Cook, sustainability manager at Morrisons, said: “When we listen to customers, it’s clear they want us to help them reduce the amount of single-use plastic they throw away.

"We know that customers often pick up a bottle of water when paying for petrol, so offering free water should be an effective way of reducing these single-use plastic bottles.”

Natalie Fée, CEO and founder of City to Sea, said: “Plastic water bottles are one of the most commonly found single-use plastic items on our beaches and in our oceans, which is why we have to make refilling our water bottles the new normal.”