New bid to find a job on a wingand a prayer...

More details have emerged about a new Horncastle based back-to-work club which will be based in the town's parish church.

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The club will meet for the first time at St Mary’s Church next Monday from 10am-12noon.

It is an initiative led by Kay Burge, a director of Horncastle Recruitment.

She says there is a ‘complete lack’ of a facility for job-hunters in the town.

Ms Burge said: “There are lots of people in Horncastle looking for work.

“They have to travel to the job centre in Lincoln. There is nothing for them in Horncastle and that is something I’ve been looking to put right for the last five years.

“Until now, I haven’t had any support but the church has come forward.

“We can use St Mary’s free of charge and it’s a wonderful gesture.

“Thanks to the church, we can fill that gap and really make a difference. I hope people come and support it.”

Ms Burge revealed there will be a full range of services including:

○how to write/improve a CV

○ how to look for the right job

○interview techniques

○volunteer opportunities

She admitted the local job market was ‘difficult’ but said advice from a team of volunteers would boost employment chances.

She added: “We know jobs are difficult to find but I believe they are there. The more help and advice, the better the chances of finding a job.

“Volunteering is a way of picking up experience and, sometimes, it’s ideal for people wanting to get back into work.”

Church representative Bob Wayne said he thought the back-to-work club was a ‘wonderful concept’.

He explained: “It will be of help to those who want to either find a job or get back into work. I am involved in the Horncastle Community Larder. The people who come to the larder have housing issues which, in turn, means they have employment issues.

“People want to work. I suppose it is a sign of the times that we are involved but thchurch is there to help everyone.”

○Monday’s session is open to everyone. If it is a success, it could be held more regularly.