Pin Gin team branches out into hand sanitiser

Louth-based gin distillers will be adapting their business to ‘do their bit’ for the war against coronavirus - by producing hand sanitiser.
Amy Conyard and Alan BottomleyAmy Conyard and Alan Bottomley
Amy Conyard and Alan Bottomley

Amy Conyard, co-founder of Bottomley Distillers, the creators of Pin Gin, told the Leader: “We are commencing full commercial production of hand sanitiser, which we have been working on tirelessly along with the help of regional distributors.

“We have been cautious about shouting about it and sending it out free-of-charge to date and doing it the way that some of the smaller distilleries have, as we have needed to be mindful that we have a wage bill to pay our team at the end of each month. As this is a worrying time for everyone, we know that none of our team can survive with Statutory Sick Pay (SSP).

“Our full plan for this is that our initial commercial orders are going out of the door, and from then we will be able to allocate a set amount that we can donate to the Louth community that are in need.

“Our focus for these groups is ensuring that local businesses that need it to remain open and compliant are able to purchase directly from us, along with supporting community groups such as ECHO and The Trinity Centre with free-of-charge stocks.”

Amy explained: “The World Health Organisation have released guidance for anyone with appropriate licensing to be able to produce [hand sanitiser] safely, and so we are able to follow that. We have relied on the support of our neighbours for us to be able to move out all ‘gin related’ supplies and consumables out of the distillery, to be able to free up as much space for production as possible.

“It’s a blending process for the ingredients, so we don’t rely on our stills, which means the turn-around is much quicker than any of our distilled liquids.”

The first bottles of the new hand sanitiser will be distributed this week.

Amy added: “Our priority is to ensure that whilst creating this product for wholesale and retail, it enables us to support the local community wherever possible.

“All businesses that are requiring stocks to stay compliant and remain trading will be given top priority, and then we will be able to use this to support at risk and vulnerable groups.”

The sanitiser will be on sale to the public at selected retail stores (to be confirmed) rather than from distillery directly.

Businesses can contact [email protected] or 01507 600410 to place an order. Delivery is available.

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