Pub on track for MP’s award?

An Aby couple are hoping to put their pub on the map after receiving a surprise nomination from their local MP.

The Railway Tavern

Victoria Atkins, MP for Louth and Horncastle, has put forward The Railway Tavern as Parliamentary Pub of the Year, following votes from the general public.

After receiving the nomination, the next stage for landlords Keith and Dawn Jacklin was to produce a two-minute video about the pub and its merits.

However, the couple’s delight soon turned to dread as they looked at last year’s winning entry.

Landlords Keith and Dawn

Dawn said: “We were really excited and started planning what we needed to do, with Ipad at the ready.

“That was until we saw the footage of last year’s winner.

“The video was really slick and professional; we couldn’t match that.”

The couple decided to put out a cry for help on their social media page and were delighted with the response.

Dawn continued: “Michael Kheng messaged us almost straight away and a meeting was set up with Simon Weir to discuss the way forward.”

Michael and Simon, who are both based in Lincolnshire, regularly work together, filming and editing their work through Kurnia Aerial Photography and Yellow Belly Telly.

Keith and Dawn enlisted the help of their regulars and the whole community to show why the pub is special.

Dawn said: “We organised a Saturday morning to do the filming and contacted lots of our customers to take part.

“Simon visited the local shoot and took some footage to add into the mix and the video starts off with young farmer Ralph Herwerdine showing his sheep.”

The video features the pub’s use of local businesses and their charity work, especially for the new local charity Sunflowers Children’s Action Group.

It also highlights why they were awarded a TED Age Friendly Business Award.

After a few edits, the video was produced and forwarded to Victoria Atkins to present to the judges.

Dawn said: “A massive thank you goes out the all involved and fingers are crossed to see if we get through to the final.”

The video can be viewed on the Railway Tavern’s Facebook page or on You Tube.

Dawn added: “We hope to hear some news soon over the next few weeks.

“We are holding a charity presentation night with Sunflowers Children’s Action Group and some Rock and Roll Bingo fun this Saturday, March 14.

“We hope to update everyone further then.”