Rasen area businesses say cheers to a very successful ‘Super Saturday’

It was an unfamiliar scene in Market Rasen on Saturday (July 4) as pubs, restaurants and salons reopened their doors to customers, after lockdown restrictions were lifted.
Tanya Chadderton of Cynthia's Hair Ltd with Olive Ellis EMN-200607-123422001Tanya Chadderton of Cynthia's Hair Ltd with Olive Ellis EMN-200607-123422001
Tanya Chadderton of Cynthia's Hair Ltd with Olive Ellis EMN-200607-123422001

But residents had to get used to a ‘new normal’ with many restrictions in place to limit the potential spread of Covid-19.

Business owners have reflected on how the so-called ‘Super Saturday’ panned out - and they were pleased with their punters.

Darren Lince, who owns Market Rasen’s Advocate Arms, The White Swan and The George Inn, said: “At the Advocate we had good bookings - we were full for food on our new capacity.

Katie Pywell and Tom Lambie the Advocate Arms EMN-200607-123853001Katie Pywell and Tom Lambie the Advocate Arms EMN-200607-123853001
Katie Pywell and Tom Lambie the Advocate Arms EMN-200607-123853001

“Our new capacity is about 55 per cent of the old capacity.

“Every table was taken. Everyone was two metres- plus away from each other.

“It went very smoothly, there were no issues at all.

“We haven’t had many people coming in to drink, but at the moment people want to walk into a quiet restaurant.

Nicky Brooksbank of Nice and Naughty EMN-200607-122850001Nicky Brooksbank of Nice and Naughty EMN-200607-122850001
Nicky Brooksbank of Nice and Naughty EMN-200607-122850001

“The White Swan opened at lunch time - there we have put in a lot of outside tables and most of them were taken.

“We probably had about 70 per cent of the old capacity there because so many tables are outside.

“It was a really nice day there and everyone was good natured and socially responsible.

“There were no issues at all. Everyone seemed happy with the policies we’ve put in place.

Aaron and James at 

the George Inn EMN-200607-125057001Aaron and James at 

the George Inn EMN-200607-125057001
Aaron and James at the George Inn EMN-200607-125057001

“We’ve got sanitising stations all over the place but we’re not making people use them - there has to be a degree of self regulation.

“Everything at The George, again, worked really, really well.

“It was probably slightly more challenging for my management team towards the end of the night, as people had more to drink.

“We had enough experienced staff on - anyone ignoring or flouting the regulations, it was nipped in the bud.

The Aston Arms EMN-200607-131128001The Aston Arms EMN-200607-131128001
The Aston Arms EMN-200607-131128001

“We still didn’t have any incidents, slightly rowdy behaviour, but nothing bad tempered.

“We never expected it to be ‘manic’ like it was predicted, and it wasn’t.

People were generally well behaved, it couldn’t have gone much better.

“I was very conscious that if it was me and I walked in somewhere and people were messing about and not keeping to the rules, I wouldn’t go back there.

“People all played their part in Market Rasen.

“But starting on a Saturday was madness - why couldn’t we have started on a Wednesday? It would have been much easier.

The Kings Head, Tealby EMN-200607-131739001The Kings Head, Tealby EMN-200607-131739001
The Kings Head, Tealby EMN-200607-131739001

“We now need to keep it up and make sure these new regulations become the new normal.”

And Market Rasen Aston Arms licensee John Bradley was pleased too.

He said: “Everyone adhered to the rules, as requested.

“It was as good as busy as normal, obviously with social distancing.

“It’s what we expected.

“There’s a learning phase for everyone, but we’re glad to be back.

“If customers have any concerns they have to talk to us - we’re just following the guidelines.”

Owner of Nice & Naughty Bistro in Market Rasen’s Queen Street, Nicky Brooksbank said she and her customers followed the guidelines - and she even has a Visit Britain ‘We’re Good To Go’ award for the cafe’s risk assessment.

She said: “It [reopening] was good.

“It was a bit of a shock to the system on Saturday - I had to cook!

“Doing 10 breakfasts at once was a bit of a shock.

“We had lots of people in, with social distancing.

“I was tired but quite pleased with how everything went.

“Sunday was even busier with our Sunday lunches.

“Our customers were fantastic.

“We’ve gone through the guidelines with a fine toothed comb.

“They said you should use disposable if you can - we’ve got disposable menus, cutlery, salt and pepper, everything.

“It was lovely to see customers again - we had some elderly people in who used to be in every single day and they were so happy. We’ve not seen them for months.

“The customers said they felt safe and comfortable.”

And the hairdressing industry was no exception.

Tanya Chadderton, who owns Market Rasen salon Cynthia’s Hair, said: “It was great to be back, it really was so nice to see customers again.

“Obviously it was a little bit different - we had to space clients out more and we can’t have a waiting area.

“And we’ve got rid of our area with refreshments. It’s different.

“We can’t have as many clients in, it’s nice and relaxing in a way.

“We’ve got to get used to wearing visors and aprons.

“Before lockdown we were cleaning down every station in between clients anyway.

“We’ve got to be aware of cross contamination all the time - bin lids, everything that could be a cross contamination area.

“Being aware to put hand sanitiser on.

“But it’s still nice to be back and see customers again. It’s the new normal.

“Customers all kept their distance from each other, we need to go to the door to let people in.

“Each stylist has their own little ‘bubble’.

“And people can’t just come in to make appointments.

“Two weeks before [I reopened] I was trying to think of everything.

“I had ordered PPE quite far in advance though.”

Over in Tealby, Sol Pickwell Nicolaou who runs The Kings Head, said his customers were also happy to follow the rules.

He said: “We were a little apprehensive prior to re opening our doors on Saturday.

“30 years as a licensee and a lifetime in hospitality, I found myself in unfamiliar territory.

“We spent days getting systems in place, trained our staff and got restocked.

“Customers were fantastic. All adhered to our ‘new normal’, sanitising, giving details for track and trace and following the one way 

“Business was much better than anticipated both on Saturday and Sunday.

“We weren’t overwhelmed, as we have been in the past which is better as it allowed us to get used to our new systems in place.

“All in all a very positive start.

“Massive thanks to our staff and customers and many thanks for the great reviews on social media and Trip Advisor.”

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