Schoolgirl’s one-stop homeware emporium

An ambitious schoolgirl has now opened her first business – and isn’t planning to stop there!
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Seventeen-year-old Paris Howell has had an entrepreneurial spirit since she was 14, and has opened up her first shop while still at school.

She set up an Instagram page and started selling jewellery when she was just 14 years old and, after saving up £200, found a supplier and set up an Instagram page which, within a year, grew to almost 10,000 followers.

Paris said that she’s always wanted to make her own way:

“My parents have always been supportive and have done very well for themselves, I have always wanted to do well and not been ‘handed things’”, she said.

“I never wanted to be known as a show off child or the girl who just lived off her parents as my mum and dad. I forever have wanted to go for it and be independent – I’m hungry for it!”

After the success of her Instagram page, Paris decided she wanted her own store and began making plans to open her own premises – while still in full time education and revising for her GCSEs at St James School in Grimsby, on top of keeping up with her business and packing up to 50 orders a night.

Paris secured her premises in a unit at Fairfield Industrial Estate in Louth, gave the unit a makeover with a fairground theme as a tribute to her family’s showman traveller background, and began her newest venture of selling interiors items.

Unfortunately, shortly after, her Instagram page was hacked and she lost her account, which took some time to get back to where it was.

Now, Paris’s Emporium is are open most days and offers one-of-a-kind home pieces.

Paris said: “We are hoping to expand in a few years and get my baby of a business around. I’m so grateful to be busy and I’m now learning to drive and also studying a business apprenticeship to further my abilities and knowledge. I hope everyone in Louth and surrounding areas can someday visit the shop, it’s something I’m doing proud of!

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