Sleaford seed business passes from father to daughter

A Sleaford-based seed business has announced it has a new owner following a management buyout.
Gemma Clarke and Trevor Cope, of Cope Seeds & Grain, Sleaford.Gemma Clarke and Trevor Cope, of Cope Seeds & Grain, Sleaford.
Gemma Clarke and Trevor Cope, of Cope Seeds & Grain, Sleaford.

Cope Seeds & Grain, in Pride Parkway, is now owned by its long-standing managing director Gemma Clarke

Gemma bought out the majority stake from the previous owner, her father, Trevor Cope, who founded the company in 2003.

She said: “I’m confident we can continue to grow the business in line with our vision, making sure farmers are getting the best varieties and advice for a new era in agriculture.

“With the spotlight on sustainability, for the environment, and for farm businesses, we are creating more bespoke buy-back contracts for our leading organic and conventional varieties, giving farmer’s market security.

“Covid-19 has exaggerated the need for robust, transparent supply chains and we’re excited to be launching new varieties, new contracts, and new industry initiatives to help to support British food and farming as we transition to a new subsidy framework and prioritise the environment even more.”

After 47 years working in the seed industry and 18 years in the business, Trevor will remain involved in Cope Seeds & Grain as chairman, working in an advisory role.

“I’m proud that my daughter, Gemma Clarke, has decided to facilitate a majority share buyout of the business. She has developed strong working relationships with the company’s existing customer base while overseeing considerable growth in new clients and continues to develop our relationships with a number of continental plant breeding partners,” he said.

Trevor explains that in recent years Gemma has also overseen a move to new state-of-the-art offices in Sleaford and appointed new sales staff to join the established team, helping the business to grow.

“I am very confident that Gemma will achieve her goals and the company and its staff will prosper under her leadership,” he added.